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Welcome to the chantry! In gaming terms, a chantry is a place where mages meet to converse, study, and practice their arcane arts.
This site is dedicated to roleplaying games - tabletop, play-by-email and play-by-post. All roleplayers are welcome!
Within these pages, you will find many chapters of interactive storytelling and roleplay journals. I hope that you enjoy them.
Feel free to contact me with questions and comments.

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Logs and journal entries from the first homebrew Immortal PBeM campaign. This was our first campaign in a modern day setting where characters discover their past lives as creatures of legend.

Logs and journal entries from the second homebrew Immortal PBeM campaign. This game was a mix of tabletop and play-by-email roleplay. The story explores the topics from the first campaign from the perspective of rival factions.

RPG Info
Roleplaying game information, resources, quick start rules and links.

A small collection of my own writings, poetry and musings.

General interest and humor links.

Recent Additions

October 5, 2010 - Announcing the International Dungeons & Dragons contest at Troll in the Corner!
Click here to win the Red Box, Rules Compendium, Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Dungeon Tiles!

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2/26/2020 - The site has been moved to new hosting.
6/1/2009 - Reorganized the Immortal and Legend campaign journals.
11/15/2008 - The entire site has been redesigned with a new theme and layout.
5/29/2008 - Added the Old Hate scenario for WitchCraft to the Gaming section.